2011 and 2012 were amazing years for me. I started a great company, got to be in the news, appeared on TV, helped shape, from a leading position, an entire industry, met some amazing people along the way and then, at the best possible moment, I sold the company and landed my first real success as an entrepreneur.

One year later, to the day, I’m writing this post to address one of my biggest regrets that still haunts me and which I’m sure you can relate to: not doing more.

I remember meeting with my investor and planning our next moves. We’d go over a bunch of ideas and most of them really looked like winners. Somehow, though, very few of them actually made it through to the execution stage. What “very few” actually means, coming from a never-satisfied overachiever is something I’m going to talk about in another post :)

Calling it “procrastination” doesn’t help

You’ve tried regularly going to the gym, right? Remember how long it took, from the moment you “decided” to the time you actually started going? And when you finally did go, it wasn’t thanks to a magical flying carpet, was it? In fact, if you kept at it long enough, I’m willing to bet you started asking yourself why you didn’t go sooner, since it feels so good to see the results.

The same scenario repeats itself whenever you have to do something you don’t like to. But here’s why I bolded that last phrase: that’s just a lie you tell yourself, that goes very well with the conviction that life, as short as it is believed to be, is meant to be enjoyed, every single second. Even if you feel a bit bad about not doing that specific thing, even if you know about the bad consequences that will follow, you still get off the hook, because not liking something is not a crime and even Steve Jobs said you should always be doing what you love!

The real reason, which many of my readers know but sometimes would rather ignore, is that doing something new or different triggers your inner pussy. New is hard, new is uncertain, new is not something you are good at from the start. When’s the last time you heard someone enthusiastically tell the story of how bad they are at their new dream job? Fear of failure and the dread of delayed satisfaction preceded by hard work will kill your drive. Your feelings are getting in the way and for good reason, they are very powerful little monsters!

Procrastination has been turned into a huge topic with a plethora of advice being thrown around on how to fight it and get things done. I believe that was and still is a huge mistake. It shouldn’t be recognized as a disease or something that you have to work hard to overcome. It isn’t even special enough to have it’s own name, if you ask me. I should delete the word from this entire post and replace it with a blank space!

But i didn’t think about it like this until i found the cure. Though chemicals are known to help, what I found is less expensive and a lot less risky!

This is SO simple, that you’ll soon give condescending looks to anybody you hear saying things like  ”it was just one of those days”, “It just didn’t feel right” or “I’m no good when it’s raining outside”. Those looks are priceless, they really get on people’s nerves!

Here’s the answer

The good news is that you know for a fact that most of the things you’re postponing or avoiding would eventually be good for you, some even great. You have it on great authority that jogging every day will make you healthier and more good looking. You have absolutely no doubt that procrastinating just adds weight on your shoulders to the point that it’s hard to even get out of bed, and the only way to escape that is to get those awful things done.

You are also 100% sure that you will regret not doing stuff and you are fully aware that “it’s going to get worse before it gets better”.

So, whenever you FEEL like not doing something, just remember:

You don’t have to ACT based on what you FEEL. There’s NO MANDATORY CORRELATION between ACTIONS and FEELINGS. You are free to FEEL LIKE CRAP while you’re DOING stuff.
In other words, it’s perfectly ok to cry your eyes out for the entire 30 minutes of your jogging session. 

Just to be safe, buy a handkerchief so your tears don’t prevent you from paying attention to where you step.

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